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The Working Actress

I have a crush. On a girl. And I don't know her name.

The Working Actress (The WA) is a working actress. Not a star, but someone who works consistently. Lucky enough not to have to work side jobs. Probably recognisable. Currently a series regular on an (unknown) TV show. And, if her blog is any indication of her true personality, funny, intelligent, humble, hard-working, amazing, level-headed, genuine, brave, courageous, honest, generous and super, duper cool.

(If only all actors were like that.)

I have tried to work out who she is (believe me, I'm pretty good at sleuthing) but despite my efforts she remains a mystery. But after several days hours of searching, I decided to give up. The WA is, after all, an uncompromising, honest account of what it's like to be a working actress, and at the end of the day that's all I need. And it's a huge inspiration (in addition to mildly alarming at how far I have to go).

I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately. Although I have many things to do (including revising an opera and learning a male Shakespearean monologue), none of them require the undivided attention required for longer works. Like The WA I long for the challenge and rigour (and security) of a regular project. Meanwhile I'm in lala land (quite literally – I've been daydreaming about moving to LA – how much more awesome would it be? Three auditions a day?? I’ve had three auditions all year! Or New York. God I miss that place).

But I guess it's all part of the path, isn't it? The working, the hustling, the dream...

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